Worship 2 Announcement February 05 2016

We are excited to announce that the first batch of Worship 2 books has landed in the UK. Those people who pre-ordered books should receive them soon.

Once we have cleared some of the backlog (about 150 books!) we will be able to make the book available for new orders on the site, so if you didn't pre-order you should be able to get one in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience - it's a very busy time for us!

Worship 2 Book

Pre-orders of Worship 2 close 18th November November 12 2015

Worship 2 has gone to print! We will be removing the pre-order offer on the 18th November. After the 18th, orders will be closed until our UK stock arrives.

Worship 2 ‘the orange book’ - Pre-order April 13 2015

“Worship 2, ‘the orange book’, due to be released September 2015 DV will feature over 400 pages of new worship songs by Christadelphian composers in piano/vocal/guitar format. Pre-order yours now - includes 1x hardcopy book and 1x digital book.

Worship books (vol 1) sold out! December 18 2014

No more hard copies are available, and won't be printed in the near future. You can order digital copies here:

Look out for volume 2, available later in 2015, God willing. 

Welcome to Christadelphian Music! August 01 2014

Christadelphian CDs site is back with a new name - Christadelphian Music.